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Task Statuses

Task status is the main trigger for an Executor to start working or unlock successive tasks for being started.

The change of a status is logged and can be easily traced what has been happening to the task execution.

Statuses are:

  • (empty orange) Planned – the task has time trigger or unfinished predecessors
  • (filled orange) Ready – the task has all conditions fulfiled and can be started by assigned Executor
  • (light green) In progress – the task is running, it has been started by Executor, but not finished
  • (dark green) Finished – the task has been finished by Executor in an expected way
  • (dark green) Workarounded – the task has been finished by Executor in an alternate way, but the plan can continue
  • (red) Failed – the task couldn’t be finished by Executor and successive tasks will not be started.

All status changes can be commented.

Comment is mandatory for Workarounded and Failed statuses.

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