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Since 1990, we have securely and successfully been providing clients transformative IT projects involving end pointdata center consolidation and cloud adoption. Our passion for finding solutions is contagious and we enjoy sharing the success of our clients.

In 2019 ORBIT became a member of the SUDOP Group and TaskControl was created. Are you interested in why or how?



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That’s why it’s no longer enough to plan processes well.
The IT department needs to manage them automatically.

We have seen this in over 160 transformation projects. Each required the coordination of dozens of people, involved hundreds of tasks and was time consuming and difficult to continuously optimize. Just like the complicated processes in your company.

That´s why we developed TaskControl. It was missing here.


“The need to update our crisis plans led to a pleasant surprise. In cooperation with ORBIT we created an application where you plan and above all manage every test and any project change, no matter how demanding.”
David Boklohanič, Head of IT infrastructure, Raiffeisenbank

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It won´t happen by itself... or will it?

Company processes are becoming increasingly complicated and it is not humanly possible to coordinate them effectively. Companies that are able to automate the delegation of tasks when managing groups and individuals will have an advantage.

That is why we developed TaskControl. So you can manage the coordination of related activities:




Today, TaskControl is helping at Raiffeisenbank and Tatra bank, where it manages, for example, disaster recovery tests. At Volkswagen it has helped smoothly relocate the data center. And it can certainly save you a lot of process management worries.

That is why we developed TaskControl. To help.

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I’ll never forget it. In 2016 my colleagues and I were managing several Moneta teams that had broken away from the GE Money Bank IT systems. During four weekend migration waves we sat for hours on end in front of a single Excel spreadsheet. It was endless. Just like every one of those “migration” weekends.

It was a nightmare.

Server after server needed a new IP address, application configurations, all system authentications and names, and finally, comprehensive testing. And there were nearly a thousand servers. And each of them had its own application administrator, OS administrator, network administrator and sometimes even a security system administrator that had to be involved.

And we just called, wrote, called and wrote… Endlessly, staring at that spreadsheet.

How to take care of it all?

How can you make sure that everybody knows what they need to do at a given time? How can you make sure nobody is waiting needlessly? How can you keep tabs on what is finished, what is behind, and most importantly, not forget anything?

Today all you need is for one person to check the TaskControl display to get a  perfect overview of whether everything is going according to plan. Back then, however, we needed an immense dose of patience, diligence and lots of hope that dozens of people would cooperate perfectly.

This experience motivated us.

We threw ourselves into designing a tool that would help us the next time we had a similar project requiring the coordination of many people and tasks. In our case, the proverbial “driving force of progress” was not laziness, but rather the humble conviction that spending all that time on the phone filling out a spreadsheet is a waste of time.

Our solution debuted successfully during a similar project at Raiffeisenbank. And at Tatra bank and Volkswagen we already knew we were headed in the right direction.

We realized that there was no software on the market to facilitate the real-time coordination of workers. And that our yet unnamed tool had much broader application for many future grateful users who needed to keep the delegation of TASKS under CONTROL

Thus, ORBIT TaskControl was born.