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Overriding Tasks Statuses

Manager of the plan has right to override any Task status. Executors don’t have access to overridding.

Click on cogwheel icon to get to override status.

Correct statuses

This is useful when an Executor starts or stops a task in wrong timing such as finishing a task prematurely and unlocking successing tasks too soon. Such a situation can jeopardize a plan as walls can be started to build before house base is done. In that case, Executor can reach the Manager and ask for Task status override.

Finish on behalf of Executor

Manager can also Finish a tasks without Executor by overriding, if Executor is not available.

Revert Failure to Workaround

In special case, when Executor finishes a task with a failure, overriding can unlock the plan again if a workaround to situation is found by overrriding Failed to Workarounded task.

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