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Composition of a plan

TaskControl manages set of actions grouped into logical Plans.
Plans are composed of groups or individual tasks.
Each task has a defined owner (Executor), start and finish in time.

Plan timing

A plan can be prepared well ahead in time and later manually or automatically started at a given date and time.
Since the start, users assigned with Tasks in Ready state can confirm start of task execution.


There must always be a plan owner, a coordinator called Manager who prepares the plan before the start and coordinates Executors in the plan during the live run.


Plan has several statuses:

  • Planned (can be changed and no Task is started)
  • Started (Tasks are switched to Ready as necessary and Executors are directed to perform planned activites)
  • Failed (Manager of the plan decided to close the plan prematurely without success)
  • Executed (All the tasks from the plan are finished).
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