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List of Current and Archived Plans

Plans are sorted into 2 lists accessible via menu on the top:

Current plans are active and can be of any status.
Archived plans are automatically or manually archived if Executed or Failed.
Automatic archiving is configured during deployment.


Main initial screen shows Current plans:

Plans are displayed in a grid where most of columns support searching (magnifier icon on second line).

Grid columns:

  • Status – colors corresponding to current plan status
  • Plan Name – comprehensive and relevant name of the plan
  • Category – assigned category
  • Managed By – creator and main Manager of the plan
  • Time – the timestamp of planned start, actual start, execution, finish or failure
  • Progress – line showing how many tasks have been finished in the plan so far
  • Published – icon showing if plan is hidden from Executors or Published
  • Detail menu icon – leading to plan detail
  • Context menu icon – secondary functions available on the plan
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