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Plan Publishing

Publishing logic

When a plan is being created, it is only available to its Manager so that he/she can prepare and review the plan.

Publishing a plan is a necessary condition to make it visible to other users as defined in Plan Sharing.

Until its publication, even the Executors listed in the plan are not notified of its existence and cannot view the draft version.

Unpublished plan in the list is marked with empty box in column Published as following:

Publishing a plan

When the Manager is ready to make the Plan accessible, it is necessary to open the header dialog (by clicking the plan in the list or clicking header in the detailed view) and check the box Published:

The main list of Current Plans will display the checked icon from now on:

Unpublishing a Plan is also possible.


Publishing of a plan is part of notifications so all users with configured notifications will receive a corresponding message.



By publishing, on the contrary, they are notified and thus invited to become acquainted with the plan.

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