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Compliance Confirmation Message

Purpose of compliance message

TaskControl supports a customizable welcome message that is displayed regularly to any user after configured period of time (in days) when opening the application.

The goal of the message is to warn the user about saving sensitive data to TaskControl instance and receive acknowledgment of the message.
There can be other uses of the same message box.


Switching the message on/off

The message is not displayed to users if TaskControl database table Settings row LogonCompl.Days is set to 0.

The message starts to be displayed when the database table Settings row LogonCompl.Days is set to any positive number. The number represents days before message displays again.


Customizing compliance message

The header, content and confirmation button content can be configured in TaskControl database table Settings as editable text:

  • row LogonCompl.Title – Heading of the overlay message box
  • row LogonCompl.Body – Text message displaying the warning content
  • row LogonCompl.Button – Acknowledgment text on the button that closes the message
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