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Converting Plan to Template

From Plans that have already been completed to the Finished state, it is possible to create a new Template that preserves the scheduling of tasks and their Executors.
Plans in the Finished state are to be found both in Current or Archived Plans.

A new template can be created by clicking on Create Template which displays after clicking on the three dots on the right.

This is useful if you want to revert to a past plan as a repetitive activity or a process.

Optimization of Template Schedule

The Use Actual Times checkbox allows the template not to reflect scheduled times for tasks, but actual ones according to the completed schedule. This optimizes the times for individual Tasks according to real experience with the time needed to complete these tasks. Repeatedly, the time required to run the plan can be significantly reduced. The time allocated to tasks is usually overestimated and thus all plans are too long in practice with too long delays.

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