We are ORBIT, IT company, we are located at Na Schodech 65/1, 140 00 Praha 4, IČ: 166 28 110, DIČ: CZ16628110

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Tel: +420 272 701 345

What are cookies? 

Cookies are text files that websites send to users’ devices. Cookies help with surveys, certain content, analysis or can recognize you. 

What types of cookies do we use?

Technical and functional – these are necessary for the website to display well and safely for you

Analytical – we use these to analyse our website

How do we process cookies? 

We only store the cookies necessary for quality and secure access to the website for the duration of the transmission and display of the content

We can only process analytical cookies if you give us your consent in a window that has probably already popped up on the page.

Not only can you prevent analytical cookies by not giving your consent, it is also possible to view websites via anonymous mode or disable them in your browser.

Functional cookies are processed by Cookie database services, a company called, based in Kalmarweg 14-5, Groningen, The Netherlands, in accordance with their terms and conditions. These can be found here.

The handling of personal data takes place within the European Union. If processing takes place outside the EU, then on the basis of the relevant legislation (exemptions approved by the European Union, or after meeting other data security requirements).