Getting Started

What is TaskControl?

TaskControl is a tool for online coordination of people and tasks. It is suitable for real time or long term coordination.

Effectively organize team members, automate task delegation, monitor all activities and continually perfect your plan.

Use any common web browser for coordination and mobile application to confirm a job is done.


3 key elements:

Saves your time

Coordination of people and their activities in TaskControl removes time necessary for messaging, calls, confirmations, corrections. Everybody involved has clear overview of plan, process or project execution. Everybody knows exactly when they should start their activity.

Simplifies communication

No more confusing charts, spreadsheets, lists. A neat overview in form of common plan, Kanban or Gantt accessible to all users. Auditable messages attached to tasks performance.

Optimizes processes

Learning by doing works only if there is a record and trace. TaskControl helps comparing activities execution to initial planning and create new planning based on real execution. The process gets faster and more reliable with every run.